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Employee Referral Bonus Program Guidelines


Futurewei Technologies, Inc.
Employee Referral Program


The Employee Referral Bonus Program provides an incentive award to current employees in full-time equivalent positions who bring new talent to the Company by referring applicants who are selected and successfully employed by Futurewei.



Any Futurewei current regular full-time employee and its expatriate, who refers an applicant, is considered for the ERP Bonus award for each referral hired as a regular, full-time employee with the exception of the following:

  • HR employees
  • Employees whose regular, recurring jobs include the recruitment of employees
  • Senior executives (level 20 or above), or managers/team leads with hiring authority over the referred candidate
  • Family members as defined by current nepotism guidelines
  • When referred candidate is hired into a Huawei organization other than Futurewei – these situations are NOT included within the scope of the program

The referring Futurewei employee cannot take any part in the interview process.

In order to receive a bonus, the referring and referred employee must be active Futurewei Technologies’ regular, full-time employees on US payroll at the time of payout.



The following positions are eligible for the employee referral program:

  • $1,000.00   Entry level and non-exempt positions (up to level 16)
  • $1,500.00   Mid-level/experienced engineers and non-technical positions (level 17-18)
  • $2,000.00   Senior level technical positions; Director and above level roles (level 19 and above)
  • $2,500.00   Hot Job – A critical or hard to fill position as determined by HR

Some positions are designated as “Hot Jobs”. The HRBP and the Lab Leader of the hiring department will consider the following factors when designated a position as “Hot Hob”:

  • How critical the position is to fill
  • The success of recent efforts to recruit candidates and retain employees in like positions
  • The availability in the labor market of well-qualified candidates for employment
  • Recent turnover in similar positions
  • Special qualifications needed for the position
  • Other unique factors that demonstrate difficulty in filling the position

Positions designated as “Hot Jobs” will remain “Hot Jobs” for at least 6 months and periodically review by HR and the hiring lab. HR will announce “Hot Jobs” monthly.


Employee Referral Submissions

Referrals should be submitted online by Futurewei’s ATS system in order to be eligible for the ERP bonus. Instructions are accessible on Connect (Connect > Human Resources > Staffing > Self Service Information > Employee Referral Program).

In cases where the above process is not followed, the referring employee is asked to submit the Employee Referral Form with email evidence that the referrer submitted the candidate to HR or the hiring manager. HR will determine the eligibility for the ERP bonus and inform the referring employee.

No bonus will be awarded if the referral is submitted online after the candidate’s resume has been received by the company from other channels.

The referral bonus will be payable 90 days after the hire date of the referred employee, and the referral bonus is recorded as Salary Expense.

Any disputes or interpretations of the program will be determined by the Head of HR.

Submitting Your Referral

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