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Job CodeAscending   Job Title   Location   Division Name   Job Summary  
15-147 Research Assistant Washington, DC Markets, Trade and Institutions MTID seeks a Research Assistant (RA) for one year, fixed-term, non-renewable appointment.
16-104 Associate Research Fellow Washington, DC Markets, Trade and Institutions Income diversification, value chain, vertical/horizontal integration in agricultural markets.
16-114 Associate Research Fellow Washington, DC Development Strategy and Governance Provide res support on strategy/policy issues of agricultural transformation and poverty reduction
16-116 Senior Research Assistant Washington, DC Environment and Production Technology Monitoring & Evaluation team of USAID’s Africa Research for the Next Generation Program
16-124 Research Assistant/Senior Research Assistant/IRB Coordinator Washington, DC Finance and Administration Will support the operations of IFPRI’s review board of research ethics through processing IRB applic
16-125 Associate Research Fellow New Delhi or Washington, DC Poverty, Health, and Nutrition To support a set of studies under PHND’s research portfolio on nutrition
16-144 Associate Research Fellow/Research Fellow Cairo, Egypt Development Strategy and Governance Research on agricultural and rural transformation in the Middle East and North Africa
16-145 Chief of Party Dhaka, Bangladesh Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Overall management and coordination of the Nutrition Programming staff and activities in Bangladesh
FO16-007 Senior Research Assistant/Research Analyst New Delhi, India Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Research support position for agriculture, nutrition, gender data & survey support.
FO16-016 Senior Research Assistant/Research Analyst New Delhi, India New Delhi Office To coordinate, monitor and evaluate research programs in New Delhi Office
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