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FBO Site Manager

Division : Innotech Aviation Services
Titre : FBO Site Manager
Statut du poste : Plein Temps
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It’s an exciting time at Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group. For more than 50 years, we have provided a full range of services for business and commercial aviation customers. Today, we are transforming and growing to meet the demand of OEMs, business aviation customers and airlines. We are a premier Canadian aviation company with an international presence!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to join and grow with a dynamic company, you will thrive at Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group!

Reporting to the Vice President/General Manager, the Base Manger will be responsible for the operational and administrative
management of a refueling center for corporate and commercial aircraft.


Develop and ensure financial targets are met or exceeded in accordance with budget and audits.
Oversee collective agreement administration, grievance resolution and people management and development.
Implement, update audit standards and procedures where applicable.
Coordinate sales efforts including advertising, brochures and website.
Liaise, influence and negotiate with different stakeholders including: employees, customers, potential customers, tenants,
owners, and ensure timely resolution of issues, contracts and commitments.
Oversee and resolve any FBO SMS issues as per Company policy.
Ensure that we meet shell safety programs and all training requirements including shell audit metrics.


- Builds trust by communicating openly with other team members and following through on commitments

- Responds to customer requests in a timely manner. Communicates with customers to ensure that they are satisfied and that their
needs are being met.

-Is sensitive to the needs, feelings and capabilities of others. Approaches others in a non-threatening and pleasant manner, and
treats them with respect

- Can be relied upon to handle the workload, meet deadlines and commitments, and accept responsibility for actions. Demonstrates
an ability to work independently.

- Managing Employee Performance
- Ensures that employees understand the performance standards expected of them. Works with the employee to resolve
performance problems
- Communicates and enforces new company policies. Ensures that the necessary resources are in place
- Creates an environment that encourages employees to work together as a team. Ensures that all team members know their role,
and that barriers to success are removed or minimized.

- 5-7 years experience in a management
position / customer service environment.

- Capable of finding innovative and/or
creative solutions.

Leadership attributes/abilities:
- The ability to influence a group of people towards a specific result
- Leaders are recognized for their ability to care for others, communicate clearly and for their commitment to persistence
- Leaders are recognized for exercising proper judgement, self control and emotional stability.
- Leadership is not dependent on title or level of authority.

Additional Skills: 

- Bilingual.
- Ability to motivate staff.
- Proven communication skills (verbal/written).
- Computer skills (MS Office) and Internet.

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