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Charter Services Concierge and Sales Support

Division : Execaire
Titre : Charter Services Concierge and Sales Support
Statut du poste : Plein Temps
Ville : Dorval
État/Territoire : Québec



Charter Services  Concierge –Sales Support

  • Replaces previous role of Flight Coordinator (within Ops)

  • Priority to ensure delivery and standardize level of service for brokered Charter clients

  • Responsible for all 3rd party Charter operator and/or Flight Ops coordination as required

  • Support to Broker Sales and interface with Ops and 3rd Party Operators

    • Including flight validations and qualifications

  • Support to billing and admin for charter flights

  • Charter quote and sourcing support to Charter Services Sales Manager 

    The Charter Sales Concierge will work closely with Charter Services  Manager to support the sales and quoting process, develop sales campaigns and directly manage the Charter client’s brokered flight experience and interactions with the Company.


  • For booked Charter, serve as Charter client single point of contact for all issues related to the execution of any sold Charter flights. Build a customized and hassle free flight experience for our Charter clients through strategic initiatives.

  • Interact with Charter clients to ensure that their needs are met and provide the highest level of customer service.

  • Assist with the securing of services for brokered and sub-chartered flights (catering, ground transportation, customs, etc.)

  • In collaboration with the Charter operator and the Company’s service acquisition department, ensure that all planned flights comply with local regulations and that passenger entry requirements are met.

  • Ensure planned flights meet all required operational requirements and where applicable the Company’s Operating Manual.

  • Coordinate with the Charter operator in order to prepare and submit charter billing information to the Charter Services Sales Manager.

  • Build branding and marketing proposals to help maintain the Gold Standard of Corporate Aviation for brokered Charter clients

  • Interact with our clients and enter their trip details and service requests into the scheduling system as applicable.

  • Ensure that all requests comply with company policies.

  • Coordinate with the Charter operator, operations and the Services Sales Manager for all events relating to the aircraft that affects its availability or ability to conduct the mission, including specifically the sourcing of available alternate aircraft and the development of acceptable operational solutions to client requirements

  • Administer the trip from creation to completion in order to mitigate any issues that could affect the client.

  • Maintain aircraft profiles on third party software

  • Maintain charter client profiles within Salesforce and other internal CRM systems


  • Undergraduate degree completed

  • Background in client service, marketing and branding

  • Ability to work outside of normal business hours to satisfy the client’s requests

  • Considerable aviation knowledge

  • Strong client facing communication skills

  • Strong multi-tasking and troubleshooting skills

  • Strong IT capabilities

  • Multi-lingual is an advantage

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