Position Description

Airworthiness Maintenance Control Technician 1
Division Execaire
Location Dorval, QC
Position Status Full Time
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It’s an exciting time at Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group. For more than 50 years, we have provided a full range of services for business and commercial aviation customers. IEAG is also a leading provider of aviation and technical support solutions with its full-service aircraft sales, management & charter group, aircraft maintenance, inspection, and refurbishment capabilities. Today, we are transforming and growing to meet the demand of OEMs, business aviation customers and airlines. We are a premier Canadian aviation company with an international presence!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to join and grow with a dynamic company, you will thrive at Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group!


General Job Description

  • Adhere to the Execaire Safety Policy;
  • Evaluate airworthiness directives, Alert Service Bulletins and Airworthiness limitations for all aircraft types for applicability and disposition in CAMP and Journey logs and alert mtce for any discrepancies;
  • Review journey log books for each aircraft (Ensure that all journey logs are entered in CAMP). Check crew time entry for accuracy;
  • Review and update MEL release information;
  • Review all technical logs (airframe, engine and modification);
  • Update all maintenance tracking systems for any discrepancies as necessary;
  • Evaluate service bulletins, service information letters, and airworthiness directives for applicability;
  • Manage to all W/B reports and send to designated departments and systems;
  • Assist the Manager Airworthiness to perform customer aircraft importation and exportation;
  • Administers the Aircraft Maintenance Schedule for the Execaire fleet supporting the Manager Airworthiness and Mtce control for the required amendments to the MCM/MPM and reviews the new revisions of the MPD for additional tasks for each acft.
  • Assembles the work package for any aircraft (assigned to that position) Heavy maintenance events requiring more than 150 Hrs and 3 days down time and follows up with the associated AMEs or contracted AMOs the completion of that package. Will then give the ok for further flying after the satisfactory completion of the work.
  • Monitors all aircraft activities (assigned to this position) for the purpose of building an aircraft reliability report to be used to assess if improvement are required or technical issues that may require special attention or preventive maintenance.
  • Assists the Manager Airworthiness for any tolerances to be applied on the acft mtce tasks.
  • Validates the acft hrs flown from the journey logs and camp and rectifies all discrepancies.
  • Provides Dispatch Support.

Detailed Job Description

  1. Ensure Technical Dispatch Efficiency/Integrity
    1. Review and updates of Minimum Equipment List
    2. Verify and ensure that at all times there are no outstanding ADs or Airworthiness limitations for the aircraft assigned to that position. 
    3. Review/Verify all Journey Logbook entries and that the log books and associated information is entered in the electronic system (CAMP or other designated systems)
    4. Review, updates and calculation of addendums to Weight And Balance and Equipment List  (Basic Empty Weight Only)
    5. Approval of Scheduled Maintenance Extensions
    6. Authorization and Tracking of Defect deferrals (with and without MEL)
    7. Approval and tracking of MEL Extension(s)
    8. Request for Ferry Flight Permit(s)
    9. Suggest to the Manager Airworthiness and Mtce Control Maintenance Control Manual Policies Improvements
    10. Operational Dispatch Support
  2. Ensure overall effectiveness of each Aircraft Maintenance Program
    1. Prepare Initial and updates of  Maintenance Schedule Approvals
    2. Audit conformity of work performed to the applicable regulations and Company Policies
    3. Ensure Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Control Software Updates and Integrity of data. (overdue and timely updates of maintenance performed due list)
    4. Monitor OEM’s changes and implementation of new requirements (AD, MPD, TLMC, SB, SL, etc..)
    5. Review Reliability Data and investigation of potential solutions; produce a quarterly report  by aircraft type of all observed defects, repetitive defects and unit removals summary;
    6. Propose Improvement opportunities to Customer in coordination with Contract Mgmt
    7. Coordinate Library and Pubs Requirements for Aircraft in Portfolio
  3. Ensure Heavy Maintenance Return to Service Eligibility
    1. Identify and track specific Scheduled Maintenance Items  (>150hr/3Days)
    2. Collaborate to Annual Maintenance Budget (Contract Mgmt and Assigned)
    3. Prepare Event Workscope in coordination with Contract Mgmt and Assigned AME/Contracted AMO (as applicable)
    4. Review and Authorize Aircraft Return to Service upon satisfactory completion of the event;
    5. Post-Mortem Review of Events for improvements opportunities
  4. Aircraft Technical Records Retention and Updates
    1. Elaborate and Maintain STC Applicability list and Library
    2. Ensure W&B History is complete and latest copy available and accurate
    3. Ensure Equipment List is current with regards to mods and SB performed since build
    4. Ensure Airframe, Engine, APU, Propellers and Appliance AD applicability list is up to date
    5. Supervise Airworthiness Control for Maintenance performed transcriptions to the applicable paper Tech Logs (Airframe, Engine, Propellers, APU)
    6. Elaborate and Maintenance Dents and Repairs List and Mapping for each Aircraft(s)
    7. Prepare Major Modifications/repairs Report for TCCA submission.
    8. Ensure that all part replacements,AOG Events,Discrepancies and Unscheduled Maintenance performed is properly recorded and formatted for Reliability Analysis purpose
  5. Support Aircraft Introductions, Imports and Exports for Aircraft under Portfolio under the supervision of the Manager Airworthiness and Maintenance Control
    1. Audit supplied Aircraft Tech Records History (W&B,AD,SB,repairs,STC, MSA Bridging, Engine, Airframe, Records Completeness)
    2. Apply for regulatory docs (CofR ,ELT Programming, Radio License, SELCAL)
    3. Apply for Applicable Subscriptions(Nav data, nternet, Entertainment,e tc)
    4. Update and submit  Minimum Equipment List
    5. Update and submit Maintenance Schedule Approvals

What is required from a Airworthiness Maintenance Control Technician 1 at Innotech Execaire Aviation Group:

  • Valid AME or equivalent & proven related to this position experience
  • 3-5 year of exerience in a similar role
  • 5-8 year experience in the aviation industry
  • Good computer skills
  • Strong sense of leadership and ability to work under extreme pressure
  • Proven attention to detail and accuracy
  • Proven communication skills verbal and written in both English & French

What you can expect at Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group:

  • Competitive Salary
  • No rotation schedule
  • Excellent health benefits
  • Retirement pension plan, matched by the company
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Great task diversity and unique challenges
  • Gym Membership discount
  • Employee Mobile discount


IMP is committed to Employment Equity and our goal is to be a diverse workforce that is representative at all job levels.  We welcome applicants from Aboriginal People, Visible Minority Groups, Persons with Disabilities and Women in occupations of positions where they are under-represented.  If you are a member of one of the equity groups, you are encouraged to self-identify on either your cover letter or resume.