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Assistant Field Manager
Location Irvine, CA
Job Code 6610
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The Assistant Field Manager is responsible for assisting the Field Manager in managing residential projects undertaken by Shea Homes Southern California. The Assistant Field Manager may be asked to run a community, or complete specific tasks without the direct supervision of a Field Manager. The primary responsibility of the Assistant Field Manager is to assist in coordinating the performance of the work among the various trades and professionals involved consistent with the construction schedule and sound construction practices. While the primary responsibility for conformance with the contract documents and standards of the trade rests with the individual trade partner performing the work, the Assistant Field Manager shall also coordinate with the Trade Partner’s Foreman (or designated representative), building official(s), design professional(s) and colleagues to assist all those involved in achieving such performance. The Assistant Field Manager is responsible for assisting with the supervision of offsite and onsite construction operations and all warranty service functions.

Essential Duties

1.0 Quality
1.1 Coordinate the work of the Trade Partners® so that they complete the construction process and deliver to Shea Homes quality work consistent with the plans, specifications, and Shea Homes contract requirements. Observe the completion of work in keeping with the provisions defined in the contract documents and standards of the trade, and promptly insist on any observed defect be remedied by the responsible trade.
1.2 Document changes to the plans and supervise the updating (red line corrections) at the completion of models and each production phase by the project architect.
2.0 Customer Relations
2.1 Problem solve customer concerns
2.2 Conduct home orientation and home delivery walks as needed.
2.3 Maintain positive relationships with Trade Partners®.
2.4 Promote the Trade Partnership program.
2.5 Assist Field Manager with completion of the Trade Evaluation Matrix quarterly.
2.6 Complete customer orientation and home delivery items per division goal
2.7 Strive to achieve quality goals at orientation walk as defined by the quality assurance program.
2.8 Promptly respond to emergency service requests that are received during or after business hours when assigned.
3.0 Schedule/Cycle Times
3.1 Supervise the completion of all work per the construction schedule on a daily basis.
3.2 Assist, evaluate, and revise the construction schedule as needed to meet completion goals/requirements.
3.3 Continually strive to schedule processes to improve construction cycle times.
4.0 Cost
4.1 Manager the completion of work to achieve budget estimates.
4.2 Control/minimize the amount of extra work.
4.3 Control/minimize the amount of damage, theft and vandalism.
5.0 Communication
5.1 Utilize, when applicable, the following communication tools:
5.1.1 Assist in conducting weekly foremen’s meetings when needed.
5.1.2 Assist in conducting pre and post-job meetings at the beginning and ending of each phase or operation sequence.
5.1.3 Advise/inform consultants, agencies, jurisdictions of all project requirement, when necessary.
5.1.4 Communicate clearly with all Shea team members.
6.0 Safety
6.1 Conduct bi-weekly safety meetings
6.2 Conduct/supervise bi-weekly site evaluations
6.3 Accident investigations as necessary
6.4 Submit safety repots to Safety Manager
6.5 Promote a safe, clean-working environment on a daily basis.
7.0 Production Measurement
7.1 Insure that production goals are achieved as defined by division.
7.2 Monitor production performance and identify improvement opportunities.
8.0 Compliance
8.1 Prepare/conform to the requirements of the NPDES Program (SWPPS's)
8.2 Adhere to the Construction Documentation process descriptions.
8.3 Maintain project files.
8.4 Complete all building inspection requirements as defined by the local jurisdiction.
9.0 Community Closeout - In the event that the Field Manager is removed from the community (a potential during last phase and build-out), Assistant Field Manager is responsible for
9.1 Schedule input, schedule adherence, and scheduling of trades
9.2 Supervising completion of work
9.3 Working with sales for walk-thru dates and model build-out
9.4 Resolving issues with FPO's and options
9.5 Managing Customer Service Representatives as necessary
9.6 Coordinating Bond Exoneration Process and Construction office close down
9.7 Shipping appropriate materials (plans, soil reports, permits, etc.) to office as necessary
9.8 Managing QA process
10.0 Other duties/projects as assigned.

Knowledge and Experience

1.0 A minimum of 3 years experience in the residential construction industry with specific experience in the areas of:
1.1 On-site construction of multi-family residences
1.2 Field warranty operations
1.3 Local offsite construction
2.0 BA/BS or certification in related field preferred
3.0 Thorough understanding of office staff procedures to support the residential construction process.

Skills and Abilities

1.0 Organized, assertive professional
2.0 Oversee completion of delegated tasks
3.0 Excellent communication and team building skills.
4.0 Demonstrated leadership ability
5.0 Proficiency in MS Office Suite
6.0 Basic accounting functions.
7.0 Read and understand construction blueprints, technical information and specifications.
8.0 Read and understand contract documents and have a working knowledge of applicable contract laws and principles



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