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Product Design - Intern
Job Code DPMK31
Posting City/State Baltimore, MD
Posting Company Name DAP Products
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DAP is a leading marketer of home repair and construction products, including latex caulks, silicone sealants, contact cements, construction adhesives, glues, glazing, spackling, and patch and repair products.  You'll find DAP products in the hands of professional painters, remodelers, builders and do-it-yourselfers, and in 60,000 retail outlets, ranging from home centers and mass merchandisers to your local hardware and paint stores.  DAP's eight manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States of America and Canada service North America and the world. 

The “DAP Stars" represent its 700 strong associates around the world which support its vision to produce and market America's best home repair products.  Our World Headquarters located in Canton’s Historic District in Baltimore, Maryland, provides exciting opportunities for interns to learn about our business, network with our professionals, and help make a difference.  Interns are provided ownership of projects within various corporate departments.

Internship – Summer 2018

Product Design Internship – Carded Adhesives

Objective: Sponsor a product design internship for a student with design and prototyping capabilities to tackle carded adhesive applicator and packaging challenges from defining the problem to designing and testing potential solutions.

Student Learning Experiences:

  • Work with outside vendors to design & create packaging solutions, understand user requirements and cost drivers, and potentially see tool up process first hand
  • Participate in user feedback sessions to hear likes, dislikes, challenges, ask questions and listen for insights to drive the design direction and development of a product
  • Gain experience and solve for challenge of how to make an intuitive, easy-to-use applicator optimized for target viscosity while accounting for formula compatibility requirements
  • Brainstorm, sketch, test ideas, prototype solutions, and make recommendations for at least one real world product design challenge
  • Learn about DAP’s current packaging, manufacturing processes, and future challenges and make recommendations for areas to explore for future (e.g. materials, designs, alternative packaging, manufacturing or prototyping processes)
  • Tour DAP manufacturing plant, work with cross-functional R&D and purchasing teams, to see how the manufacturing and product design process works within a real organization

Final Deliverables:

  • Presentation to DAP Leadership
    • Overview for DLT of “What is a product design”
    • Summarize experience gained from summer at DAP
    • Present work completed in short term projects and long-term project including final recommendation for long term project
    • Make recommendation for areas for DAP to explore for future
  • Complete one long term project
    • Create and present your recommended solution including sketch, (model or prototype if possible), projected cost, and what benefits it delivers to the user
  • Recommendations for DAP
    • Summarize other packaging or applicators types or innovations that may be of interest, for which products and why, for DAP to explore in the future