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Communications Director

Location: Central America / Caribbean
Location: Honduras
Job Code: 3214


*Please note this position has been budgeted as a local position without allowances. 

  1. Project Background

Through the Honduras Local Governance Activity (HLG), the DAI team will support USAID/Honduras to improve basic service provision systems in the education, nutrition, and water management sectors, including management systems for quality and access, through increased citizen influence and governance.

DAI will assist the local governments, service providers, civil society, and related institutions in 90 targeted municipalities to achieve its two results: civil society influence through evidence increased and local service providers’ performance improved. HLG will be headquartered in Tegucigalpa, with regional offices established in target departments. 

A Behavior Change Communication strategy plan (BCSP) will be designed and applied during five-years from the onset of the activity to promote attitudes and behavior changes in the target population around nutrition, education, water management practices and other sectors in the future, --as well as other subjects pertaining to USAID DO2 Implementing Mechanisms (IMs)s, and a more participative role of families in their communities to implement sustainable integrated changes.

2.           ROLE’S PURPOSE:

The main objective of the assignment is to lead the Behavior Change Communication Campaign (BCCC) and technically guide all related aspects and sub-contractors during its implementation in support of HLG results and actions in six departments and 90 selected municipalities in Honduras Western region, focus of HLG intervention. Activities will be related with program goals and results and in support to USAID’s Do2 efforts addressed to change behavior of the civil society, the local government and the “gestores” of water and sanitation and nutrition services, and education sector within others.

3.           STRATEGY:

By building partnership with the local government and service providers, and ownership with the population, HLG will work towards: improving family practices in nutrition and water management, an increased participation in the education of their children, an active participation in planning and control, an improvement in public services and better management of the local government. The target audience will promote and will be a partner in change focused on HLG integrated approach to increased governability, participation, and better services.

The strategy will facilitate messages to achieve more holistic and integrated impacts across these priority sectors and others where IPs are working, and will address issues on gender, social inclusion, and vulnerable populations. The strategy will cover the following areas: target audience, media landscape, campaign concept, communication products, grass-root activation events, media plan, a timeline, an action plan, and budget.

The Communication Director, working closely with the COP, will coordinate all efforts to sub-contract an international sub-contractor and will ensure that the strategy considers all relevant assessment efforts related to the four pillars and the HLG Gender and Social Inclusion Strategy. The BCSP will also consider other DO2 Activities to provide support with an integrated and holistic approach to USAID investment in the region.

As part of the design process, HLG will work with relevant DO2 programs to define messages, strategies and activities that will be integrated across the different sectors and efforts.  For example, addressing unsustainable environmental practices at the community level and with service providers supported by GEMA (Juntas de Agua) can influence water quality issues that mitigate stomach diseases that are impacting the level of nutrition of children in the target communities. The activity will also develop a catalog of existing outreach strategies to evaluate and integrate them into the BSCP. Once the BSCP is approved, HLG will facilitate coordination efforts among IMs to develop consistent messages and joint activities in the target territories complementing each other’s efforts toward achieving similar impact indicators.

Integrating the Behavior Change Communication Campaign within HLG and DO2 Activities will provide a horizontal support to activities implementation and presence in the areas of intervention.


a.  Leads the implementation of the Branding and Marking Plan across HLG and the BCCC activities;

b.  Oversights and controls the different sub-contractor’s performance quality assurance and management;

c.  Directs the HLG Communication team in the Tegucigalpa Office and provides technical instructions to the Regional Offices support teams.

d.  Leading HLG activity Communications and Outreach efforts including continued strategy development and implementation.

e.  Developing communications and outreach mechanisms and materials to further support HLG priorities including planning and conducting project launches and media events; creating communication products for a range of stakeholder needs; and managing HLG’s website and social media platforms.

f.   Providing capacity development support related to Communications and Outreach to grantees to facilitate achievement of HLG’s goals and maximize project impacts.

g.  Drafting talking points, speeches press releases, presentations, and materials as needed and assigned.

h.  Preparing success stories, and any documentation / information required by the donor and assigned.

i.   Managing media and photo archives and communications-related contract deliverables.

j.   Traveling to HLG’s targeted municipalities to execute responsibilities as needed.

k.  Assures the accuracy of the communication area reporting to the HLG Learning and Adapting team.

l.   Ensures the completion of communication reporting tasks in accordance with the specified quality standards;

a.  Assures the accuracy and completeness of the communication reporting to the M&E Modules

b.  Assures compliance of the sub-contractors and the technical staff in the periodic provision of photos and videos from the field related to the different HLG areas

m. Manages communication initiatives by focusing on program objectives and HLG Municipal Integrated Activities and ensuring project processes compliance with donor requirements and procedures, and the approved Branding and Marking Plan;

n.  Oversees compliance of HLG with the approved Branding and Marking Plan;

o.  Complies with the communication work plan, budget, and monitoring, ensuring compliance with scope, schedule, and allocated budget commitments

p.  Ensures Tegucigalpa and field staff have the necessary training, resources, and support to meet the communication BCCC plan:

a.  objectives and compliance with the requirements;

b.  excellent relationships with the Majors and their technical staff, municipalities, “mancomunidades”. “gestores”, private sector, and civil society counterparts

q.  Writes SOWs for bidding processes of sub-contractors based on the BSCP;

r.   Leads the technical evaluation procedures of the technical proposals participating in the bid processes;

s.  Evaluates sub-contractor performance against work plan and schedules, and provides advice and technical support in communication;

t.   Works in very close coordination with sub-contractors evaluating the Behavior Change Communication campaign impact and propose changes to the messaging or methodologies used when necessary.

u.  Works closely with the Learning & Adapting Director in the information collection process and quality assurance of radio, TV, press and other media messages, interviews, lessons learned, success stories, videos, and photographs;

v.  Works closely with the Program Director to assure quality in the communication messages related to municipalities, civil society, mancomunidades, “gestores” of the education, water, and nutrition sectors within others;

w. Works closely with the Director of Regional Offices, the Regional Office Managers, and the regional office teams to assure that communication messages are consistent, understood, and in compliance with the BCCC and the Branding & Marking Plan.

x.  Maintains excellent and transparent relationships with the communication sub-contractors.

y.  Provides schedule and achievable forecast completion dates on a regular basis as requested,

z.  Provides By-weekly communication reports based upon the agreed pipeline including communication monitoring reports with photos and videos from each municipality in each department.

aa. Provides inputs for the Quarterly, Yearly, and other reports as necessary;

bb. Provides other technical advice and carries out specific tasks as assigned by the COP.



1. Master's degree in communication or associated technical field.

2. 8+ years of experience in managing communication behavior change initiatives.

3. Experience working with USAID or other US Government agencies.

4. Ability to comply with ADS 320.3.3 Branding and Marking Requirements for Assistance Awards.

5. Superb writing and oral skills (Spanish/English).

6. Attention to detail.

7. Ability to manage and complete tasks on time without significant oversight.

8. Ability to work as a team player as well as individually.

9. Excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills, including cultural sensitivity and political awareness

10.  Proven initiative, creativity, self-direction, and problem solving skills

11.  Ability to interact effectively with international and national personnel both in a managerial as well as training capacity.

12.  A demonstrated ability to multi-task, meet deadlines and process information in support of project changes.

13.  Good interpersonal and diplomatic skills, including cultural sensitivity and political awareness.

14.  Proven ability to learn quickly, take initiative, and be accountable for results.

15.  Awareness of and sensitivity to multi-cultural local and international development work.

16.  Proven leadership and strategic, analytical and management activities.

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