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Haiti HIS eHealth Advisor

Location: Central America / Caribbean
Location: Haiti
Job Code: 3607


Haiti Strategic Health Information Systems Program (Haiti HIS)

Scope of Work

Haiti HIS eHealth Advisor



DAI works at the cutting edge of international development, combining technical excellence, professional project management, and exceptional customer service to solve our clients’ most complex problems. Since 1970, DAI has worked in 150 developing and transition countries, providing comprehensive development solutions in areas including crisis mitigation and stability operations, democratic governance and public sector management, agriculture and agribusiness, private sector development and financial services, economics and trade, HIV/AIDS, avian influenza control, water and natural resources management, and energy and climate change.

The Haiti Strategic Health Information System Program (Haiti HIS) is an $11.5 million cooperative agreement funded by USAID to build the capacity of Haiti’s Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP) to take ownership of a comprehensive health information system that enables the integration of health records across various digital and paper-based reporting platforms. The program supports the MSPP in drafting an effective eHealth Policy to address interoperability and set data standards; strengthening Haiti’s national health information system—the System d’Information Sanitaire Nationale Unique, or SISNU—by addressing information and technical gaps; and promoting data-driven decision making at national and departmental levels. In turn, the HIS team will help the MSPP analyze the data provided by the improved national health information system and then use this information to provide better quality care and treatment to the Haitian people.

Reporting and location: The eHealth Advisor reports to the Chief of Party (COP). The position is based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti at the DAI Haiti HIS office.

Summary of Primary Duties

The primary responsibilities of the eHealth Advisor are to support building MSPP capacities around overall management of HIS and health policies. The overall responsibilities include:

  • Review existing Health Policy and draft National eHealth Policy for Haiti.
  • Define data standards and data exchange protocols.
  • Develop guidelines for data privacy, data security, and interoperability.
  • Train MSPP staff eHealth Policy
  • Disseminate, publish, and implement MSPP-approved eHealth standards.
  • Assist the development of mHealth Policy and incorporate in eHealth Policy
  • Assist to enhance usability of the system across data entry, data quality, and data use.


The eHealth Policy Advisor, in consultation with COP, the Project Director, and the mHealth Advisor will work with MSPP to:

  1. Perform intensive policy analysis, policy development, and investigations of best practices; and
  2. Draft the National eHealth Policy to include IT and mobile enablement frameworks leveraging internationally established standards such as the World Health Organization (WHO) eHealth Guidelines, WHO Health Metrics Network (HNM) Framework, and PAHO eHealth policy framework. The drafted National eHealth policy will cover:
    1. data standards to be followed across health systems;
    2. data sharing protocols;
    3. data privacy guidelines;
    4. interoperability guidelines that define standards for information exchange among health systems;
    5. mHealth guidelines;
    6. the recommended Unique Patient Identifier for the health sector, such as Master Patient Index, Block Chain, etc.;
    7. a legal and regulatory framework that supports data security and privacy/confidentiality, information sharing, and regular and timely reporting of health information; and
    8. an implementation roadmap.

Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Work in collaboration with personnel identified by MSPP as eHealth and mHealth policy-dedicated
  • Support these personnel to draft national eHealth policy and guidelines.
  • Establish interoperability and health information standards.
  • Integrate eHealth guidelines at operational levels.
  • Work closely with mHealth Advisor to integrate eHealth and mHealth policy guidelines
  • Train MSPP staff on eHealth policy and roll-out strategy.
  • Provide implementation support for the national eHealth policy.
  • Train MSPP personnel to apply eHealth and mHealth policy and guidelines.
  • Support eHealth Policy Implementation:
    • Once the National eHealth Policy, interoperability guidelines, data standards, and mHealth guidelines have been institutionalized and adopted by MSPP, the eHealth Advisor will support MSPP to initiate dialogue, advocacy, and consensus building among key stakeholders (including implementing partners, nongovernmental organizations, and donors).
    • The eHealth Advisor will work in close coordination with the two DAI-seconded HIS Senior M&E experts to MSPP and support a dissemination workshop at the national level for the key stakeholders including other directorates of MSPP, health partners, and other related ministries. The objective of the workshop will be to build consensus and buy-in from all stakeholder groups on the adopted National eHealth Policy and agree on an implementation roadmap.
    • These three DAI team members will conduct National and Department level trainings for the MSPP staff on the National eHealth Policy to build understanding and ownership within MSPP on adoption and implementation of the policy.
    • To continue fostering a comprehensive HIS landscape, these DAI team members will support MSPP in monitoring the implementation of the National eHealth Policy. They will assist the HIS M&E Officer in enhancing the robust Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEAL) plan to monitor implementation of eHealth and mHealth policy guidelines.


  • A wealth of experience in eHealth, mHealth, and interoperability/data standards
  • Experience in information and communications technology (ICT) policies and standards is a plus
  • Knowledge of DHIS2 platform and mobile tools is a plus
  • French language skills are required

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