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Title: ) 021919
Department: Carson - Facilities
Location: NV - Gold Dust West - Carson City
Employment Duration: Full time
Available Shift: Grave
Pay Range:


General Summary of Job Duties

The assigned tasks for the facilities can change in an hour.  However there are routine assignments that have to be addressed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Shift assignments are distributed among the three shifts based on the opportunities and nature of the work.  The following lists identify which shifts are responsible for the assigned task.  A small safety meeting/communications (5-10 minutes) shall be completed at the beginning of the next shift.  It is important that you do not leave the property until you review with the next shift what has been going on, what needs to be completed and making sure that the next shift is actually on property before leaving.


Essential Job Responsibilities and Duties

  •   Maintain a high quality of guest service according to Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. Mission Statement and F.A.S.T. Track Values Statement.
  •   Thorough knowledge of applicable Company and departmental policies and procedures as well as the willingness to learn and follow any policy or procedure that may be introduced in the future.
  •   Adhere to all appearance and uniform standards.
  •   Maintain an open line of communication with Management.
  •   Maintain a positive and professional demeanor during all interactions with guest, fellow Employees, and Vendors.
  •   Ability to accept performance feedback in a professional manner.
  •   Regular attendance and arriving on-time to all scheduled shifts and meetings is considered an essential function of the job.
  •   Arriving on-time for all scheduled shifts is considered an essential function of the job.
  •  Other duties as assigned.

Daily Responsibilities:

  •    Provide a safe, comfortable and appealing environment.
  •    Complete shift rounds twice a shift.
  •    Check boiler room for temperature of water and active circulation of boiler unit/salt reservoir level.  This includes RV Park boilers.
  •    Check all roof top units for problems.  Log all discrepancies in log book.
  •    Compile, organize and maintain all MSDS records for any and all chemicals used in the facilities department in  accordance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.
  •    Provide assistance as needed for any and all special events.
  •    Complete all assigned work orders, as approved by Manager or Supervisor.
  •    Inspect all kitchens for any problems. (Pilots, drainage and equipment)
  •    Make temperature checks on property and make proper adjustments.
  •    Check I.T. rooms.
  •    Check all restroom exhaust fans.
  •    Be responsible to the needs of guest, making any necessary repairs, maintenance work or adjustments as requested in an efficient and expedient manner.
  •    Facility Supervisor to ensure all routine inspections or maintenance by Contractors is arranged as required by local, state and federal laws and regulations, including but not limited to: back flow prevention tests and all  fire suppression systems.
  •    To be responsible for the success of all preventive maintenance programs assigned to this shift throughout the property as assigned by Facility Supervisor.
  •    To arrange any service, repair or maintenance of any mechanical/electrical devices as assigned by Facility   Supervisor.
  •    Keep shop area clean, clear of debris and always put tools in proper place
  •    Complete all assigned duties daily
  •    Check new revolving doors in front of hotel, casino and bowling center  

Summer (Jun-Oct) Responsibilities:

  •   Chemical test pool and spa 2x per shift.  Check pool chemical supplies, order as needed.  Clean and vacuum  pool and spa daily before opening.
  •   Clean pool area, straighten furniture, pick up trash and check overall appearance of pool area.

Weekly Responsibilities:

  •   Complete preventive maintenance of all public restrooms.
  •   Complete a weekly inspections of fire extinguishers in boiler and electrical rooms as assigned by Facility  Supervisor.
  •   Inspect the compactor for proper operation, safety and leaks.
  •   Ensure proper operation, repair and maintenance of all kitchen hoods.
  •   Check and clean grease from all kitchen hoods exhaust fan reservoirs on roof.

Monthly Responsibilities:

  • To assist all outside contractors in the performance of their warranty and service of equipment as assigned by Facility Supervisor.
  •  Complete preventive maintenance of all exterior doors, insuring ADA compliance.
  •   Maintain minimum critical parts inventory to ensure the least amount of time to correct mechanical/electrical deficiencies.
  •  Complete preventive maintenance schedule on all HVAC.  Maintain a check list on each piece of equipment as   assigned by Facility Supervisor.
  •  Provide cosmetic repairs at the front of the house: F&B dining areas, beverage areas, all casino and non-casino   public areas, with the exception of painting done by grave shift, of walls, doors and back of house corridors and  storage area floors.
  •  Inspect the grease interceptors for pumping.

Semi Annual Responsibilities:

  •  Clean all electrical distribution rooms, including transformers, distribution, control centers and electrical distribution panels throughout the property and check panel directories.  Replace directories as needed.
  •  Upholster gaming floor seating as needed.
  •  HVAC - clean all supply diffusers and return grids for casino, coffee shop, meeting rooms, bowling center and  bowling center restrooms.

Annual Responsibilities:

  •  Complete preventive maintenance of hotel rooms.
  •  Complete preventive maintenance of roofs including patching, coating, sealing, replacement top seal and cleaning.
  •  Complete spring preventive maintenance of irrigation systems, landscaping, parking lot and roadways.
  •  Complete cosmetic repairs of building exterior including hotel canopy entrance.
  •  Clean all fluorescent fixtures including wiping out the cover, washing or replacing the diffuser and re-lamping as  needed.  Plus insuring lamps are correct for the fixtures.  Do not use two different lamps in the same fixture.
  •  Always use cool or cool white lights.

Landscaping maintenance: Will be the responsibility of the day time facilities staff.  The following list is seasonal, daily and weekly responsibilities that need to be done by facilities as scheduled to keep the property looking clean and well maintained.  This work will be done on a rotating schedule with one staff member responsible for the week’s maintenance.

Beginning in spring

Remove all dead vegetation, weeds, trash etc. from rocks.  Turn on water, test sprinklers, set timers and check and repair all sprinkler heads.

             Daily work

  • Check overall appearance of property
  • Make sure signs, speed limits, stop signs and parking blocks are visible and in good condition.
  • Check all areas to assure that sprinkler timers are functioning and not watering on the incorrect days
  • Log all work performed on property in daily journal

             Weekly work

  • Check all picnic tables in rv park for any repairs need or replacement
  • Make sure all sprinkler heads are on in rv park and pool are to assure proper function - repair/replace/adjust as needed
  • Make sure drainage area behind rv park is free of debris
  • Check all soakers for proper watering around plants
  • Check all curb paint - touch up as needed
  • Keep all gutters clear of trash/debris
  • Keep all planters clear of trash/debris
  • Keep all drip lines covered


General Job Responsibilities and Duties

To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following F.A.S.T. Track Principles:



  • Offer a warm greeting to everyone you encounter with a smile and eye contact.
  • Practice mutual respect by dealing honestly in all interactions.
  • Use genuine listening skills and offer sincere responses.
  • Promote positive interactions with both external and internal guests through sincere greeting and communications.
  • Be approachable, listen and lead by example.


  • Be proactive and positive.
  • If I don’t know, I’ll find out and if we don’t have it, I’ll try to get it.
  • Support and practice the F.A.S.T. Track Principles from the executive level to the front line staff level.
  • Acquire knowledge, training and education. Communicate it to all employees.

Service Excellence

  • Anticipate our guests’ needs before they ask.
  • Contribute ideas and solutions to improve customer service.
  • Escort our guests rather than point.
  • Take personal pride in the quality of your work.
  • Actively seek feedback from our guests concerning our service and atmosphere.

Team Work

  • Share and explain information.
  • Great teams consist of great performers.
  • Create a culture of two-way communication with employees and guests.
  • Be courteous, kind and patient with each other.


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