Accounts Clerk (6 months Contract)

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1. The personal data collected in this application form will be used by China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited to assess your suitability for our vacant positions within the organisation and to determine preliminary remuneration and benefits to be discussed with you subject to selection for the position. All personal data provided herein will be kept confidential.

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5. The personal data collected may be transferred to subsidiaries or other related organisations authorized to process the information for purposes relating to recruitment & employment with the Company.

6. The note is translated into Chinese for the benefits of the local applicants and if there is any inconsistency, the English version shall prevail.


1. 此職位申請表所收集之個人資料乃中國移動香港有限公司用作招聘用途,並作為 閣下是否適合擔任所申請之職位及評估錄取時初步商討薪酬與福利之基礎。所有提供之資料將會絕對保密。

2. 申請表上所填寫的個人資料是挑選合適候選者的重要資料。但 閣下可選擇不提供下述非強制性用作招聘事宜的資料,例如出生日期、出生地點及性別。求職者如不能提供此等資料,對其申請的處理及結果或會有所影響。

3. 本公司會保留落選者的個人資料為期不超過兩年。

4. 根據個人資料 (私穩) 條例 (香港法例第486章), 閣下有權要求查閱及更正你在申請表上所填報的個人資料,如欲行使這項權利,請以書面形式申請並交予本公司人力資源部處理。

5. 閣下的個人資料有可能轉交予其他中國移動集團或相關的機構作為協助本公司招聘活動之用。

6. 為方便求職者閱讀及明白此附頁之各點, 附中英對照內容, 如有任何差異則以英文版本為準。


I declare that all information given in this form are true and correct and I understand that if I willfully give any false and misleading information, I shall render myself liable to disqualification for employment by the Company or to summary dismissal if I am appointed to the service of the Company.


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