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Internews is an international media development organisation whose mission is to empower local media worldwide to give people the news and information they need, the ability to connect, and the means to make their voices heard. We envision a future where everyone, everywhere, enjoys equal access to trusted, quality information that empowers them to live healthy, secure, rewarding lives. 


Deadline:  5pm BST, 26 April, 2017



The Human Rights Connect (HRC) programme seeks to enhance the enabling environment for freedom of expression and access to information in countries where information is highly controlled and censored by authoritarian governments or non-state factions, and where the production of independent information creates risks for those involved in production and for those that seek to access it. The HRC programme is current being implemented in 8 countries.


Internews identifies key partners in the relevant countries who are influential in the freedom of expression and access to information spheres to implement the HRC programme. Internews provides direct and in-kind financial support, as well as capacity building support across editorial, technology/security and business management practices to partners.


Due to sensitivities specifics around countries and partners are kept confidential.


L1 is an online news and current affairs outlet covering 5 countries, with field journalists in each country. The Editor-in-Chief is based at a regional hub, and other senior editorial staff are based in Eastern Europe.


Further information on partner L1 is available via secure communications on request.




Internews has a significant sub-grant and capacity building plan with partner with the code name L1 (1 Jul 2016 – 31 Dec 2017). A major component of this is building L1’s editorial capacity. As part of this, onsite editorial mentoring, training and workshops are expected to be delivered through this consultancy.


The key specific objective is to develop editorial capacity of L1 field journalists in basic editorial standards and principles, conflict-sensitive journalism, as well as workshop editorial strategy, communication and workflow processes.




The key outputs of the consultancy are:

June (TBC)

  1. Undertake pre-deployment and onsite preparation and arrangements including (2 days including travel)
    1. Review relevant documentation to be provided by Internews
    2. Relevant consultations with L1/Internews staff
    3. Familiarise with L1 online content across various platforms
  2. Develop relevant curriculum and materials for in-country journalism workshop.
  3. Design and deliver a 4 day onsite editorial workshop for field journalists covering (4 days; onsite regional hub):
    1. Basic editorial standards and principles
    2. Gender-sensitive journalism
    3. Editorial workflow and strategy
  4. Draft reporting on all deliverables to-date (1 day including travel)


Sept/Oct (TBC)

Design and deliver a follow-up 4 day onsite editorial workshop for field journalists as per priorities identified via the first round of training, and through consultations with Internews and L1 (7 days including preparation/ consultation, return travel, training delivery and final reporting).



We anticipate approximately 14 full working days will be needed to complete the consultancy.

We anticipate this taking place in June 2017 (7 days) and Sep/Oct 2017 (7 days), to be confirmed with L1 and Internews.



Interested parties should email Craig Twitt, who will be leading and directly managing the consultant(s). Please contact ctwitt@internews.eu if you have any questions related to this opening.

Applications should include the below documentation:

  • A brief letter of introduction including your daily consultancy fee (1 page max.)
  • A CV and any relevant recommendations (1-2 pages).


Applications should be directly emailed to Craig Twitt (ctwitt@internews.eu) rather than via the system link below.




  • University degree (Bachelors or equivalent), preferably in communications, journalism or other related field.
  • Proficiency in Russian language.
  • Minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible experience in journalism.
  • Demonstrated experience in training and mentoring journalists, particularly in foreign and/or repressive contexts.
  • Excellent inter-cultural communication skills and experience and the ability to forge strong cross-cultural relationships and build trust.
  • Strong facilitation, presentation, writing and communication skills.
  • Self-motivated, innovative and resourceful.
  • Understanding of and demonstrated commitment to upholding Internews’ Core Values.



  • Experience working in the media development sector.
  • Experience in capacity building, training and/or mentoring.