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Electrical Serviceman
Department Service
State/Territory South Carolina
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Mandatory Hiring Requirements: Resume, References, Background Check, Drug Screen Testing, Valid Driver’s License, Journeyman License preferred but not required

Summary:  Electrical Servicemen report to a Service Manager or person designated by the Service Manager and complete assigned tasks in accordance with Watson Electricals’ policies and procedures to assist in achieving their division’s aims, goals and objectives. Work will consist of inspections, maintenance and repairs of electrical systems, conductors and associated materials and equipment within the commercial, industrial and residential electrical construction industry.

Preferred Job Skills:   Basic computer skills, knowledge of the current NEC, organizational skills and efficiency in completing job site paperwork, effective communication, proficient in both hand and power tools/equipment, accountability for work layout, responsible for safety on jobs and the security of material, tools, equipment and company vehicles

Responsibilities: Must be able to work within precise limits and standards of accuracy and perform a variety of duties, which often change.  Use reason and logic to perform mathematical operations rapidly and accurately and possess the ability to see detail in objects or drawings.  Must be able to recognize slight differences in planes, shapes and shading to picture flat, 2-diminsional drawings as 3-dimensional objects.  They may also estimate the cost of installations, repairs and adjustments and deal and negotiate directly with customers.

Direct and work with Electrical Helpers and/or other assigned personnel.

Plan layout, install, and repair wiring, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment.

Plan new or modified installations to minimize waste of materials, provide access for future maintenance, and avoid unsightly, hazardous, and unreliable wiring, consistent with specifications and national and local electrical codes.

Prepare sketches showing location of wiring and equipment, or follow diagrams or blueprints, insuring that concealed wiring is installed before completion of future walls, ceilings and flooring.

Measure, cut, bend, thread, assemble, and install electrical conduit, using such tools as hacksaw, pipe-threader, and conduit bender.

Pull wiring through openings or conduit, assisted by Electrician Helper.

Splice wires by stripping insulation from terminal leads with knife or pliers, twisting or soldering wires together, and applying tape or terminal caps.

Connect wiring to lighting fixtures and power equipment, using hand tools and power tools.

Connect power cables to equipment, such as electric range or motor, and install grounding leads. 

Test continuity of circuit to insure electrical compatibility and safety of components, using testing instruments.

Observe functions of installed equipment or system to determine hazards and need for adjustments, relocation, or replacement.

Complete required paperwork.

Monitor safety program.

Demonstrate knowledge of all tools and equipment.

Demonstrate efficient knowledge of trade.

Plan work - responsible for materials and tools.

Trouble-shoot all electric systems.   


Position Requirements: 

Licenses - Current driver’s license if required by job conditions; applicable federal, state and local licenses as required by job conditions or by the company.   

Certifications - Applicable federal, state and local certifications as required by job conditions or by the company.   

Education - High School Graduate or GED.   

Experience: Must have 6-years working in the electrical field as a Serviceman under an electrical contractor or the required/necessary experience and/or training to assure all aspects of position are performed efficiently and productively while operating in accordance with policies and procedures of the company. 


Working Conditions:

Job requires working in all elements, depending on job location, time of year, heat, cold, rain, snow.

Must be able to utilize construction site sanitary facilities (Porta-Johns).

Job requires employee to have required personal tools at all times (waist tool belt as worn weighs approximately 30 lbs.)

Work from all types of ladders (step ladders up to 14’, “A” frame ladders, all size extension ladders and carry and relocate up to 12’ step ladder by himself.

Employee’s personal weight and personal tools cannot exceed weight limit of ladder.

Perform work at various heights, up to 90’ from ladders, scaffolds, aerial lifts, catwalks or other safe work areas.

Work in restricted areas (switch gear room, manholes, utility tunnels, crawl spaces, attics).

Wear personal protective equipment as required in Safety Handbook.

Able to work 40 hours per week overtime as required, night shifts; work out of town if needed.               



Plan, direct, and coordinate an entire activity or the activities of others.

Evaluate information and analyze problems logically to develop solutions.

Express ideas clearly to others.

Work with figures quickly and easily.

Deal with people in actual job duties beyond giving and receiving instructions.

Work independently.

Understand the meanings and relationships of words and use language effectively.

Work with numbers accurately to review budgets, materials, and time schedules.

Make decisions based on personal judgment.

Perform a variety of duties, which may change often.

Deal with people in actual job duties and have agreeable working relationships.

See details and recognize errors in written material, numbers, charts, or tables.

Communicate well.

Positively identify colors of wires.

Comprehend reading and drawing prints and schematics.

Bend conduit by hand with hand benders.

Possess the ability to safely use required power tools.

Operate equipment, trenchers; lift trucks, etc. in a safe manner.

Capable of digging trenches, either by use of hand tools or power equipment.

Comprehend and practice safe work procedures as outlined in Company Safety Handbook.

Operate two handed tools and equipment as required.

Operate company trucks with manual and automatic transmission.

Read and interpret maps, instructional manuals, specifications, work site directions, blue prints and written instructions.

Operate and work from mechanical personnel lifts (electric or gas powered).

Work energized circuits and equipment as outlined in Safety Policy.

Supervise assigned job site employees to complete tasks.   


Physical Function:   

Hear and see well (either naturally or with correction).

Must be able to bend, stoop, squat, crawl, climb, kneel, balance, push, pull and reach over head.

Lift objects weighing up to 100 pounds, with frequent lifting and carrying of objects weighing up to 50 pounds.

Constantly move on feet.

Climb ladders (all types).

Complete overhead work for full day assignments.

Must be able to make transition from employee parking area or street into construction work areas and to gain access to all levels of the building, even if the only means of access is by O.S.H.A. approved site construction ladder, or stairs still under construction but acceptable for use.

Responsible for securing tools and materials from storage areas to complete assigned tasks.

Repetitive use of arms, hands and fingers.                 

(This description covers the principal duties and responsibilities of the job.   The   description shall not be interpreted as a complete listing of all miscellaneous, incidental or similar duties, which may be required from day to day).   


Watson Electrical Construction Company LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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